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Bodenseepatent is a law firm of patent attorneys and attorneys-at-law specialising in prosecution and litigation of intellectual property rights. We have extensive experience in all fields of intellectual property.

The firm looks back on almost 50 years of tradition and since its foundation in 1972 has continuously developed into one of the established patent law firms in southwest Germany with offices in Singen (headquarters), Schaffhausen (Switzerland) and Munich.

We represent German as well as foreign clients in all fields of technology and have access to a strong network of international partners. In addition to representing small and medium-sized companies as well as global corporations, we are specialised in the support of start-ups, always with the aim of securing and increasing the competitiveness and success of our clients.

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“As engineers and patent attorneys, we are your curious and technically experienced partners. We maintain a personalized focus on you as our client. Your interest is our interest.“


Terms like intellectual property or intangible assets are frequently used within a business context, but cannot always be clearly defined. Also the thought connected with it, the creation of values and property with nothing else but intellect and creativity, seems to be rather utopia than real, so that still many enterprises pursue the protection of intellectual property rather half-heartedly instead of recognizing and appreciating it as business-asset.
In today’s more and more global competitive environment, the protection of intellectual property is becoming increasingly important. Although a brilliant idea or the sum of such ideas can form the cornerstone of a company, the obtaining, protection and enforcement of intellectual property is more important than ever for sustainable entrepreneurial success. In particular, intellectual property should receive the same attention as other success factors of the company.

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We help you to identify, strengthen, maintain and protect your perhaps most important and at the same time most volatile assets. Because any further development, no matter how disruptive, can only provide an added value and a competitive advantage to the extent that it cannot be copied by your competitors. Thanks to our many years of experience in prosecuting and litigating intellectual property rights, we are able to identify strengths and weaknesses in your intellectual property portfolio – which may contain significantly more potential than you might think – and derive the greatest possible benefit from it for you.
In addition, we are first and foremost your technically and legally competent partners, but always consider the most commercially and strategically sensible solutions to maximize client benefit. We are interested in your technologies, expand our understanding of your business and your environmental conditions and we appreciate every open word from you.

The intellectual property rights we advise on and which we obtain, manage and protect for you last for decades. Our determination to gain and maintain your confidence is equally a long-term interest. We are ready to meet this challenge every day based on our understanding as a service provider.